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What do we offer?

Here is a list of some of the services we offer. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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Our Services


Pasture Board

Pasture Board is a service for easy kept horses. Pasture board is $100/month + hay. Your horse roams the pasture freely. You may use the stall if one is available only to feed your horse grain. During months Luella Stables determines hay is needed, hay will be provided for an extra $65/month. If a horse is sick or injured and needs a stall you may use one. A charge of $20/day for shavings, twice a day cleaning, and a water refill will be required to be paid prior to each week needed.

Partial Board

Partial Board $200/month + hay. Horses roam the fields freely and are brought in a stall for feeding. Horse owners should provide a blanket so Luella Stables can apply and remove daily according to weather conditions in the winter. When purchasing a winter blanket, search 1200 denier waterproof turnout SHEETS or a lightweight blanket.  Fly masks will be the responsibility of the owner. Owner must provide feed can, feed of your choice, and feed bucket.


Lessons & Camps

Lessons are offered Monday through Friday during day light hours. Private lessons are mandatory for students just starting at Luella Stables. Nicole will decide when the student is ready to advance to group lessons. She actually prefers students ride with other riders. Groups are small and organized according to riding ability and level. Please expect to take at least 6 months of private lessons. Students who ride in multiple camps, have a horse of their own or attend more than once a week lessons may advance more quickly. Some students may benefit from continuing private lessons much longer. Ultimately students need to gain quality and safety from each lesson. In the beginning there is so much to learn on the ground. Students learn to be confident and comfortable around the horses and on the farm. Western riding is preferred for starting lessons. Students may advance to the English saddle once he/she is comfortable and confident in the walk trot and canter. Students will not be running for quite some time! Safety for both horse and rider is a major factor. Nicole does enjoy taking students to local barrel races. She will allow students to attend these shows on lesson horses. However, students should be prepared to spend a high dollar amount on a competitive horse after a few months of showing. The lesson horses are strictly for starters and are not super-fast.  Horses adapt to their daily riding habits. Nicole specializes in beginners. The majority of students do lots of slow work and practice technique. This takes some of the fire out of horses. Nicole does teach all students basic jumping skills. It is great exercise for the horse mentally and physically. It is very good for the riders balance and skill. Riding in the English saddle is far less secure than the western saddle and allows students to focus specifically on their leg, seat and hands. Riding horses is a great way to build muscle and a great amount of muscle is acquired for being a great rider. Nicole will challenge all students. Although most students do find a favorite horse, be prepared to switch horses. If one horse is easy you will stop learning. You need to ride the one that challenges you too. Prices are as followed:

Private Lessons

Private Lessons: $200/month for once a week one hour lessons

$350/month for twice a week one hour lessons

All students start out private. Students advance to group lessons at the point the student is a confident rider and saddles independently. Every student is different. Brand new riders can expect 6 months to a year of private lessons. The more you ride the quicker you advance.
Students learn to properly handle the horse from the ground while grooming and saddling. After riding, students un-saddle before turning the horse out to pasture. Some days, students may experience basic equine first aid, feeding, bathing, cleaning stalls etc.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons: $150/month for once a week one hour lessons

$250/month for twice a week one hour lessons

*Students fully capable of catching their horse, saddling and un-saddling independently, will be given time before and after the lesson hour to do so. Children under the age of 16 will need an adult present to keep eyes on children. You will not need to assist the child. The instructor will be busy with other work during this time, but still wants children to be monitored.*

Private and group lessons

One private lesson and one group lesson per week

$300/month for one private lesson and one group lesson per week

Students will benefit from a group setting by feeding off of other students and learning to maneuver around other horses in the riding ring. Students also benefit greatly from a one on one setting with the instructor and less distractions.
**Discounts: Apply a $50 discount to the total payment for families of 2 or more**

Show student packages

$200 per month – One lesson per week plus one tune up/exercising per week for your barrel horse
$250 per month – One lesson per week plus two tune ups/exercising per week for your barrel horse
$350 per month – Two lessons per week plus one tune up/exercising per week for you barrel horse

Any students showing will need to pick from one of these packages. Barrel horses have to be exercised at least three times per week to perform well and prevent from injury. Nicole will not charge a trainer fee or use of a horse fee for students with or without their own horse when going to the actual show. In addition to entry fees you are responsible for paying at the show office of every show, there will be a hauling fee, unless you own your own truck and trailer. If any lessons are missed, a tune up for your horse will be replacement of that lesson; you may make up the lesson in the same week


Camp dates and times for 2018-9



Beginner Fall Break Camp is September 17th-19th

Time: 8a.m.-1p.m.

Bring: a lunch and drinks

Cost: $120

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot


Intermediate/Advanced Fall Break Camp is September 20th-21st

Time: 8a.m.-5p.m.

Bring: lunch and drinks

Cost: $150

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot


Beginner Spring Break Camp is April 1st-3rd 

Time: 8a.m.-1p.m.

Bring: a lunch and drinks

Cost: $120

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot


Intermediate/Advanced Spring Break Camp is April 4th-5th

Time: 8a.m.-5p.m.

Bring: lunch and drinks

Cost: $150

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot

Beginner Summer Camps Date:

June 10th-12th, June 24th-26th and July 8th-9th

Level 2 Summer Camps Dates:

June 17th-19th and July 15th-17th

Time: 8a.m.-1p.m.

Bring a lunch and A LOT of drinks

Cost: $120

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot

Intermediate/Advanced Camp:

May 28th-30th

Time: 8a.m.-5p.m.

Cost $200

Nonrefundable Deposit of $50 holds your spot



Horseback Riding


A few things to know about this service:

We take appointments any day but Sunday. OUR SPECIALS ARE ON FRIDAYS ONLY!

The 250lb weight limit is enforced.

We do not offer public restrooms.

You will be asked to stand on a block when mounting the horse. This is to provide comfort for the horse. Pulling and straining to mount or lifting up quickly and slamming onto the horse’s back causes pain and result in a large chiropractor bill!

Small children may ride with an experienced rider provided by Luella stables. Children will NOT be allowed to ride with a parent for lead line rides nor trail rides.

Children need to be lifted by a parent.

All riders will sign a waiver.

There is no trotting, cantering or running. This is a walking only ride! Do not pass your leader. If you are not obeying this rule, you will be asked to dismount and walk your horse from the ground. We are BIG on the safety of our riders and our precious horses!

Please don’t scream.

 No drinking on the premises. Anyone causing a disruption or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave.

Please take your trash with you.

Do not drive back to the barn without permission.

Do not visit the backyard dogs! They may bite!

Please be patient. Some nights are busier than others. Scouts, school groups, birthday parties and other large groups attend these rides sometimes.

All ages are welcome!

We do suggest long pants and close toed shoes.

Please do not approach horses while they are tied up. Sometimes they can be aggressive with one another while waiting their turn to be rode. These horses are all highly qualified and experienced to accommodate even the first time rider but please understand EVERY animal is unpredictable.

Take all pictures before your ride. Using a cell phone during your ride can be dangerous.

Please leave ALL belongings in your vehicle or with the hostess. Any personal items that are dropped will NOT be retrieved during your ride. You will have to walk on foot after your ride to retrieve your items. So please please please leave hats, sunglasses, phones, money, keys etc. at your vehicle



30 minute trail rides are $15/person

You may pay cash at the sign up table upon arriving



Half hour trail ride is $20/person; must have at least 2 people to book; this is an all walking guided trail ride

Full hour ride is $45 for one person or $35/person for 2 or more people; during this ride you will have instruction in the ring for half an hour. IF you are capable, you may experience the trot, canter, jumping, barrels etc. That is to be determined by your trainer. For the last half hour, you will walk the trail ride.

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