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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is "Pasture Board" ?
  2. What is "Partial Board"?
  3. What is "Partial Board Plus"?
  4. When is Horseback riding available to the public?
  5. When is the next camp?
  6. What are Friday night rides?

At what age do lessons start?

7 years old and up
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Do you do rides by appointment?

  • • You may make a reservation on days trail rides are not offered to the public. These rides are by appointment only. A trail guide comes to the stables to remove the number of horses you reserve and saddles accordingly only for your reservation. Please be on time and give a fair amount of notice if you need to cancel. The group must have 2 or more people. The ride is 30 minutes for $20/person. This is a cash only service. CLOSED SUNDAY
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Is there a weight limit for rides?

  • Yes 250lbs
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Does Luella Stables come to schools, chuches, ect...?

  • Yes please call to make arrangments and check available dates and times.
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